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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What type of attire do you wear?
    We wear all black unless requested otherwise.
  • Will you travel? Do you charge for travel?
    Yes, we love to travel! We charge only if the wedding or event is outside the Triangle Area. We will include this fee in the quote before you book us.
  • How much do you charge?
    Every wedding and event is different. We do not post our prices online due to travel expenses and ongoing discounts. Contact us for information regarding our affordable rates.
  • What is your instrumentation?
    Our instrumentation includes: violin (Christine) and piano (Carsten). Carsten is also a very talented guitarist so if you had a song in mind with violin and guitar, we can certainly make that happen.
  • Do you charge for extra songs that is not on your list?
    No, our list are recommendations of what is typically asked. We have performed music that is not on the list and love to add to our repertoire.
  • Will you play for outdoor weddings and events?
    Yes, we love to perform outside! However, if there is bad weather, we require shelter for our instruments. Our instruments cannot be exposed to rain.
  • What are my Payment options?
    Paypal or Check.
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