Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started? 🧐

You can start earning by downloading the app here and registering as a user.

How much money will I be making from referrals? 💲

  • Referral fee potential is dependent on the category and average customer spending of the brand you are representing.
  • In general, the referral fee you’ll receive is between 6% and 10% of each sale that you brought in as an ambassador.
  • You can also track your referral progress anytime in-app.

I don't see myself sharing deals like a professional influencer. Does that mean I cannot become an ambassador? 😐

Nope, not at all! Our app is designed to make you feel good about recommending a brand to your friends. The way we help is to give you the tools to promote for brands with minimum effort and time. Check out our unique features:

  • Personalised promotion image
Influencers spend hours putting together all the information and creating content for a brand campaign. Once you've been approved as an ambassador, we'll provide you with a pre-formatted promotion image (perfectly fitted for Instagram Stories) with all the details your audience needs to know about the campaign, and of course, with your own QR code as well.
  • Personalised QR code
It's 2020 and no one should be forced to remember or look up a random referral code in their email or notepad. WE'LL convert your ambassador ID into a QR code so your friends can easily download the image (or do a screencap from IG) for use later. They can load it up in our app or ask the shop to scan AND READ it (if applicable).

I know a brand that will be a great match for Zocial Earn. How can I set you guys up? 🥰

Wow, that’d be amazing - thank you! Please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email on


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