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Meet the Musicians

Christine Bryant

Christine began playing violin in the 6th grade and has rarely put it down since. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education and also holds a Suzuki teaching certification. She received her MAT in Elementary Education from North Carolina State University and currently teaches 4th grade. She has taught middle and high school orchestra programs and private violin lessons. She has performed with the USC Symphony, Chapel Hill Philharmonia, Brevard Symphony, and more. 


After living in North Carolina for four years, Christine and her husband recently moved back home to South Carolina. During her time away from work, Christine enjoys playing jazz with her husband and listening to her 2 toddlers bang on the piano and drums.

Carsten Bryant

Carsten’s musical education began at an early age: in parents’ household, to the three R’s was added the “P” of Piano. He took private lessons all throughout grade school, coming to love them particularly when piano practice meant time away from doing schoolwork while he was homeschooled between sixth and eighth grades. From age 6 to 18, his teacher was Dr. Ann Wilson, a master educator who emphasized musicality and technique. His musical education, primarily consisting of classical music like Bach’s Inventions and Chopin, broadened as he branched into other styles and instruments, playing keys for his high school jazz band and serving in various church bands on keyboards and keytar, acoustic and electric guitar, and, on occasion, accordion and banjo.


Today he loves to play sacred music as an accompanist at church, to improvise over jazz standards with Christine, to practice Handel, Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi for weddings, and to learn folk and rock music on new instruments. He enjoys listening to Joe Pass and Joey Alexander, Chris Thile and Chris Potter, Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, Brad Mehldau and Bill Evans.

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